youGROW Installation Page

Click here to install youGROW from the web... (ensure that Outlook is closed before proceeding)

Or Click here to download and manually install the components...(recommended for Internet Explorer 9)

Internet Explorer 9 Setup Walkthrough

NOTE: The sequences below will differ if you do not have the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or Windows Installer 3.1 components installed.  Please click Accept on the setup dialogs for these components (the download and installation may take several minutes to complete).

If you are running Internet Explorer 9 and have the Smart Screen filter enabled, click Run on this bar:

Then click the Actions button on this bar:

And click Run Anyway on this dialog:

Next, click Run next to "yougrowoutlookaddin.exe" in the View Downloads dialog:

Then click the Actions button:

And finally, once again click Run Anyway:

Other Browsers

When the setup file has finished downloading, please click the Run button on the dialog that appears:

Next, click Run on the Security Warning dialog (if this dialog does not appear immediately, click the link above again):

The installation will then prompt you again for yougrowoutlookaddin.exe: click the Run button:

Once again, click Run on the Security Warning dialog:

The progress dialog will then be displayed until all of the installation files have been downloaded:

When the download is complete, the installation will begin:

If Outlook is running, you may see this dialog:

The setup process will resume after Outlook is closed.

Otherwise, follow the steps of the setup wizard that begins with this dialog: