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Has even CRM gone Green? You bet!!

Added: Nov 20th 2007, 11:11 PM

The  comments below, are provided by a long standing colleague of mine, David Barratt - one time Chair of the Australian Direct Marketing Association, winner of the Direct Marketing Award in Australia, and the person recognised as instrumental in establishing Australia Post's Direct Marketing Divison - a serious player in the DM world.

I have reproduced his comments below verbatim - they were too good to change.  The most important point to take away from this, is establishing your customers' preferred method of contact.  youGROW can obviously assist.

Enjoy the read!  Do you remember the days when it was a put down  when someone said "They're a bit green"?  How times change!

Dave says: 

Here’s a “heads up” on something that will become a major issue in the months ahead, particularly for retailers. When you have a moment, please read the attached extract from the latest ADMA Update written by good friend, former ADMA Board Member and Editor of Marketing Magazine, Michael Kiely. If you know Michael, he is usually right on the money when it comes to emerging trends and social responsibility.  There’s a bottom line point to his article and, looking at what governments are now legislating against in Europe and the U.S., that point is “Practice response-based marketing communications, response-driven database marketing (including contact preference) and become good at it now.” Already overseas countries are legislating to outlaw all forms of unsolicited paper mail, including unaddressed catalogues. That means, unless someone expressly asks for a catalogue, it will be against the law to deliver it. Governments will use the waste reduction argument as their platform and the issue is likely to be raised in Canberra sometime soon, regardless of who is in power. ADMA Chief Executive, Rob Edwards sums it up, “I suspect we are witnessing the emergence of a new form of capitalism – social capitalism, if you like, where society enjoys the benefits of a market economy, but at the same time abrogates responsibility for welfare to government. This is coming about because we do not have the time or inclination to take responsibility for those things that have been the province of individuals in the past – the ultimate form of outsourcing, you might say. If I am right about this, we can expect more government intervention at both federal and state levels regardless of political persuasion…interesting times indeed.”  Now…I’m not an alarmist. But looking at how quickly the National Do Not Call Register came into being (Less than 2 years), anything is possible. And I’m certainly not against waste reduction et al. I just know that customers will want to give you their contact preferences and we must be ready to take them and manage them right now. If you sell through third parties, the issue is even more urgent.
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