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Company Profile

Managing Director - Cathy Allington

Cathy Allington, Managing Director of You Grow Pty Ltd, has been involved in CRM consulting for over 13 years, and has worked with most of the CRM systems for small to medium sized businesses. She has specialised in Microsoft Outlook for the past 8 years. “There is so much more to Outlook than sending and receiving emails. People are already comfortable with using Microsoft Outlook – they don’t have to learn an entirely new system and interface,” states Cathy.


Product Development

Product development is contracted exclusively to , who specialise in product developments around the Microsoft Office & MYOB platforms. They have been instrumental in the development of a number of award winning software programmes now sold internationally, and are renowned as developers who understand not only the technological aspects, but just as importantly, the end user experience, and the business needs from a commercial viewpoint.

MYOB Specification Development and Testing

MYOB specification development is contracted to Two Keys, the largest developer of add-on products for the MYOB range worldwide.


National Training & Support

National representation, training and support is available through our network of Certified Consultants, who must undergo comprehensive training prior to being appointed to support the product.  Our Certified Consultants have a background in either CRM and software systems, or in the MYOB product range.